Icomania Answers – Walkthrough – Review

Icomania – A Fun Way Of Entertainment

Icomania is the new top trending puzzle game that is created by the German developers, LOTUM. They are the same developers that created the top-rating games 4Pics 1Word and Paint For Friends. It is a very simple game to play – no tutorials needed. Everybody will enjoy playing this puzzle word game.

Icomania Answers – All Levels!

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It requires you to guess the icon shown to answer the word that is being asked for. The icons get harder and harder to guess as you go through a higher level. The icon does not show the entire image, just a glimpse or a slice of it. To help you decipher the word, the category is shown above the icon. Below the icon, some empty blocks are located. These empty blocks correspond to the total number of letters for the given word. Below these empty blocks are the scrambled letters. This is where you will get the letters to form the word. Not all of the letters included in the scrambled letters below are needed to form the word. This is part of the challenge.

If you are having difficulty guessing the icon, there are hints available for you to use. You may choose the hint to place a letter to the exact empty block to make it easier for you to guess the word or use a hint to remove all the unnecessary letters in the letter selection below the empty blocks. If you are still having difficulty and need the exact word, Icomania Answers can help you.

Icomania Answers contains all the answers for Icomania in all categories. To help you find the word you are looking for, simply choose the category, look for your icon in the list and get the answer. It’s just that easy. You can easily pass through any level without much difficulty and enjoy the game more. The latest version of this game offers 96 fun and exciting levels. If you are the type of person that enjoys puzzle games, word games and guess the picture games, this game will surely rock your world.

This icon guessing game is available for download at Google Play for free. It is compatible for iOS and Android devices. Millions of game lovers have already downloaded this top rating game so it’s time for you to download it too. Icomania keeps you away from boredom and is a good way to pass your time while making your brain work.